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Archive for May, 2010

Look for SHS Alumnis on “Michigan Outdoors”

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

By Kortney Cole
Tribune Correspondent

Sandusky High School Alumnis Terry Weiler has really made a name for himself in the sport-fishing industry. He owns and operates “At Ease River Charters” and will be featured on the television show, Michigan Outdoors.

In 1993, Terry started the charter as a side job. He enjoyed watching people learn the art of fishing, so he decided to make it into a business. Since then, the business has grown a great deal. Terry even takes three to four weeks off from his job as a purchasing agent at Spectrum Health to take clients out Salmon fishing in September. As the captain and guide fisherman on his boat, Terry helps people fish on both the Muskegon and Manistee Rivers.

During the months of August through April, Terry juggles both jobs by working at Spectrum Health during the week and taking the boat out for Salmon and Steelhead fishing on the weekends. The job is rewarding to Weiler because he not only gets to do something he loves, he also gets to be outdoors and to see different parts of the state.

He takes generally 1-3 people at a time out on the boat. He uses all kinds of different lures, baits as well as fishing with spawn.

Terry’s hard work recently brought him a great honor, the chance to be filmed for Michigan Outdoors. The filming occured on September 10th and took seven hours to complete. The segment will feature Terry out on the boat with two clients during various parts of the day Salmon fishing. Weiler says of the taping, “It was a good experience and we all had fun out on the boat.” Be sure to tune in on November 5th to see Terry’s segment. For basic cable PBS the segment will be aired on November 10th.

Fishing with Shawn Raymond – Muskegon

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Ryan Schley and I had a chance to fish with Shawn Raymond from on the Muskegon River. For those of you who have never fished Steelhead in the river, it can be an exhilarating experience. Shawn has a small cabin outside of Newaygo feet from river, which makes accessibility and convenience elementary. He is a diehard hunter and fisherman who is a database administrator by day as well as a dedicated family man. These are qualities I respect.

Our relationship first started back in 2003 when my partner and I opened Shawn’s site,, is home to a running banner ad that has help this business grow. My charter business, however, has really been on the back burner as this has more potential. Time, a precious commodity, is a requirement to charter. That is what made this weekend away so special! I had time to get away!

Shawn arranged us to fish with Terry Weiler, a Muskegon River guide who backtrolls for Steelies all winter, for an 8 hour charter. I have always river fished with spawn or flies, but never with crankbaits. The concept is easy – drop lures in front of the fish until they attack. Boy do they attack!!

Ryan and I met Terry about a half-hour before light, and he took us to a remote boat launch on the lower Muskegon. I am not sure I could find it if my life depended on it. We helped him launch the boat and we were off for the day.

While I would not call it an “Executive” charter, having a propane heater in front you as you daze off into the beautiful surroundings looking for wildlife or nothing at all was nice. Terry’s drift boat is made of aluminum so the cold transfers easily. Without the propane heater, I would have desired a warmer climate to pursue my hobby. Ryan, as skinny as he is, was a tough sport about the chill.

The first few hours were slow, but it did not matter. As I told Ryan, it was a success if we each caught one. Terry filled in the time with pleasant conversation about fishing – our favorite discussion subject.

About 11:00 am, we hooked our first fish who quickly throw the lure, literally, back at us. Another beauty was not far behind. Ryan landed this one, and the next.

I was still virgin for the day as he took my fish. Something you need to know about Ryan is he likes to reel in fish. I, on the other hand, prefer to watch others enjoy the sport. Ok… I was green with envy that he caught two and my skunk was still in the box.

About 1:00, we had two more attacks, and I finally landed a nice one.

Anyway, it was a great experience and one I would recommend to whomever can brave the winter elements. Terry was first-rate and I would not hesitate referring you his way. Cooncidently, I have a customer from that fishes with him and feels the same about his service. To learn more about Terry Weiler, check out his website at

Former resident to be featured on Michigan Out-of-Doors

Thursday, May 27th, 2010
Weiler runs fishing charters

Terry Weiler (above) holds up a steelhead taken from the Manistee  River during one of his charter fishing expeditions. Below is  “No Problem”, the 18-foot Rivermaster sled Weiler  pilots for customers during the fall spawning season. The former  Sandusky man and his charter business will be featured in an upcoming TV  segment on Michigan Out-of-Doors. Terry Weiler (above) holds up a steelhead taken from the Manistee River during one of his charter fishing expeditions. Below is “No Problem”, the 18-foot Rivermaster sled Weiler pilots for customers during the fall spawning season. The former Sandusky man and his charter business will be featured in an upcoming TV segment on Michigan Out-of-Doors. Terry Weiler’s interest in the outdoors, starting in his childhood in the Sandusky area, has turned into a part-time business. Now, the 1980 Sandusky High School grad, will be featured on a segment of Michigan Out-of-Doors.

Weiler, who went on to graduate from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, remained in the western part of the state and currently is a purchasing agent for Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids. Just over 16 years ago, though, Weiler decided to take his interest in fishing to a part-time job.

As owner of 5-19 At Ease River Charters, Weiler, a licensed captain and a registered guide, has many days in the month of September booked for salmon and steelhead fishing on the Manistee and Muskegon Rivers. He also does fishing excursion, on weekends, for steelhead all the way from mid-October until mid-April. Terry is the son of Joe and Judy Weiler of Sandusky. Joe retired is retired as the administrator at McKenzie Memorial Hospital in Sandusky.

His success as a charter fishing business gained the attention of the producers of the Michigan Out-of-Doors television program, which airs on PBS channels statewide. Host Jimmy Gretzinger grabbed his camera and filmed a segment with Weiler early in September. The show will feature fishing on the Manistee River and will be aired on local cable, WFUM – Flint (Ch. 28) on Tuesday, November 10 at 9:30 p.m. and again on Wednesday, November 11 at 7:30 p.m. However, it will also be shown on many other PBS stations next Thursday, November 5 and can be viewed on the website – on the morning of November 5.

Weiler said he takes his 18-foot Rivermaster sled up the Mainstee, as far as Tippy Dam, for the fall salmon run. The filming and the expedition of the trip for the popular outdoors show took seven hours.

“A couple of my customers were with me on this trip,” said Weiler on the filming. “Jimmy Gretzinger was here, by himself, with just his camera.

“(The trip) went good,” Weiler continued. “We landed six salmon and probably lost another 9 or 10. We were fishing with spawn.”

Weiler began his charter business in the spring of 1993 and built a faithful clientele.

“I do about 60-70 trips a year,” pointed out Weiler. “I take time off of all of September for fishing. I have some customers coming to back me for the last 10-15 years now.”

He added that he recently went up the Manistee with a couple of groups from Cass City, put together by his brother, David, who lives in the Cass City area.

While Weiler said he did do some fishing and hunting with his dad in his younger years, but his interest in salmon fishing took off after graduating from Ferris.

“I always begged my dad to take us (Terry and his brothers Steve and Dave) fishing, but he never took us,” smiled Terry. “Actually, we went to Sebewaing before and he’d take us to the break wall in Port Sanilac.

“But, I actually started salmon and steelhead fishing just after I got married. My wife’s family are all outdoors people.”

Terry, with his wife, Lisa, and children, Alicia and Brent, currently live in the Hardy Dam area, near Newaygo.

To learn more about Weiler’s charter fishing business, go online to


Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Welcome to the new website! Please share the link with friends and others who are interested in fishing on the Muskegon or Manistee Rivers.